"The Ho" (26)

More Repairs (continued)

1st May 2006, and I'd had these parts for long enough, it was time to fit them.

The Ho - The starting point

The starting point for today's work...

The Ho - Minus top grille cover, outer grille and headlight

The top grille cover, outer grille and headlight were removed...

The Ho - Inner grille

The inner grille, which actually holds the headlight assembly was pretty damaged

Luckily, although I couldn't get the whole inner grille there was enough left on the headlight assembly from the scrapyard to make good most of this damage. After removing the damaged section of the inner grille the old wing (fender) was also removed...

The Ho - Almost naked

Almost naked, but now the rebuilding can begin...

The Ho - The new wing (fender)

The new wing (fender)
Because of the new pink stripe is this now "The Barbie Ho"?

The Ho - The new headlight

The new headlight and partial inner grille were then fitted

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