"The Ho" (29)

Fourteenth Trip (continued)

More images from our 7th May 2006, trip to Redbird...

The Ho - Redbird The Ho - Redbird The Ho - Redbird

Fifteenth Trip

During May I was lucky enough for my sister and her family to come over to the US to visit. To give them a little taste of what we do on 20th May 2006, Dave and Andy took Dave's Jeep and I took my sister, her husband and Andy's brother-in-law in "The Ho" to Coal Creek. We'd had a couple of days of heavy rain but that was followed by some very warm days and the area was nearly dry. Unfortunately the low lying areas weren't and "The Ho" got bogged down a couple of times in soft soil. I also managed to wreck the headlight and taillight I'd only replaced on 1st May. I really have to find a way to protect these lights as I'm smashing at least one of them every time I go out. Everyone enjoyed themselves though.

Dave's Jeep at Coal Creek

Dave's Jeep at Coal Creek
(Photo by Jeff, Andy's brother-in-law)

"The Ho" and the Jeep hill climbing. Video taken by Jeff.

"The Ho" and the Jeep hill climbing
Frames 291 and 581 from the video

3GP - 1.01Mb, FLV - 985Kb, MP4 - 4.95Mb, ASF - 10.8Mb, WMV - 10.8Mb, MPG - 13.8Mb, MOV - 15.9Mb (original format), AVI - 16Mb

"The Ho" coming back down again. Video taken by Jeff.

"The Ho" coming back down again
Frame 153

3GP - 435Kb, FLV - 419Kb, MP4 - 1.78Mb, ASF - 3.31Mb, WMV - 3.31Mb, AVI - 3.4Mb, MPG - 3.51Mb, MOV - 5.3Mb (original format)

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