"The Ho" (31)

Sixteenth Trip (continued)

Both "The Ho" and Dave's Jeep got stuck on a short but slippery and rutted hill that we'd had trouble with the last time we were at Redbird...

Andy hits one tree on the way up then reverses into another on the way down
"Ooohhh, that didn't sound good."

3GP - 985Kb, FLV - 3.69Mb, MP4 - 4.49Mb, MOV - 5.94Mb, AVI - 9.26Mb (original format), ASF - 12.1Mb, WMV - 12.1Mb, MPG - 13.3Mb

In the end, both vehicles had to be winched up this hill. The next video was taken by Jeff and shows Dave's Jeep being prepared to be winched up it...

Dave's Jeep being prepared to be winched up this troublesome hill
No, Dave is not pulling his Jeep up by hand
Frame 196

3GP - 362Kb, FLV - 363Kb, MOV - 2.1Mb (original format), ASF - 4.36Mb, WMV - 4.36Mb, MP4 - 6.83Mb, MPG - 6.83Mb, AVI - 56Mb

One of Jeff's videos showing "The Ho" being winched up the same hill, straight into a tree - oops!

"The Ho" being winched into a tree - oops!
Frame 140

FLV - 478Kb, 3GP - 502Kb, MP4 - 2.11Mb, MOV - 6.94Mb (original format), ASF - 5.9Mb, WMV - 5.9Mb, MPG - 8.33Mb, AVI - 14.5Mb

Part way through the day the gear linkage on Dave's Jeep kept putting the car in neutral which meant Dave had to keep getting underneath it to put it back in four wheel drive. A couple of times this happened in a mud pit...

Dave under the Jeep Dave under the Jeep

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