"The Ho" (33)

Sixteenth Trip (continued)

Dave taking his Jeep through a muddy trail. Video taken by Jeff.

Dave on a muddy trail
Frames 190 and 204

FLV - 465Kb, 3GP - 497Kb, MP4 - 1.96Mb, ASF - 4.51Mb, WMV - 4.51Mb, MOV - 6.24Mb (original format), MPG - 6.46Mb, AVI - 9.63Mb

Dave doing some hill climbing. Video taken by Jeff.

Dave doing some hill climbing
Frames 253, 297, 642 and 913

FLV - 1.11Mb, 3GP - 1.14Mb, MP4 - 6Mb, MOV - 7.96Mb (original format), ASF - 14.6Mb, WMV - 14.6Mb, MPG - 28.6Mb, AVI - 45.1Mb

Jeeps can fly - but the landing's a bit bumpy. Video taken by Jeff.

Getting some air
Frames 83 and 377

FLV - 628Kb, 3GP - 654Kb, MP4 - 3.01Mb, ASF - 6.13Mb, WMV - 6.13Mb, MPG - 8.34Mb, MOV - 9.92Mb (original format), AVI - 11.7Mb

On 26th May 2006, in order to get the lights working again, I had to change some of the bulbs, replace some of the fuses and do a little rewiring to repair the damage done at Coal Creek on 20th May.

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