"The Ho" (35)

More Lift (continued)

The Ho - Rear Suspension

"The Ho's" new rear suspension showing the spring over and new bottom mounting points for the shock absorbers

After putting everything back together we'd raised the rear end of "The Ho" by between 4 and 5 inches. The trouble was that it looked too raked, the rear being a lot higher than the front.

When we looked at the front coil springs we found the bottom mounting bolt was a lot longer than it really needed to be so we came up with the idea of rather than buying front spring spacers we'd make our own. Andy had some 3/16" thick boiler tube lying around and so he cut two 1 1/4" long sections of that and welded a metal plate over one end of each. Getting the bottom coil spring out was quite  job, but we did it and inserted the sections of tube. After we did that we couldn't use the original front shock absorber mounting bolts so Andy welded new ones.

The Ho - Front spring lift

Our front coil spring lift

The Ho - Results of the lift

This is the front wheel clearance we now get

The Ho - Results of the lift

and this is the rear wheel clearance

The Ho - As purchased

"The Ho" as we first got it in March 2006

The Ho - 4 months later

and this is what it looks like four months later in July 2006

One problem that we do have, and that needs correcting, is that the front wheel's camber angle is far too great...

The Ho - Front wheel camber angle

After lowering the car from a jack here's what the camber angle looks like

The Ho - Front wheel camber angle

After a little driving the camber is a bit nearer normal
but we still don't feel as if this is right.

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