"The Ho" (37)

Snorkel (Continued)

We have several mottos...

"At least we're not stuck or upside-down"
"that looks safe enough"
"if it looks good then it must be OK - probably"
and "how cheap can we do it for?"

using all of the above this is what we did...

Dismounting the main air duct
Look at the dirt in the air filter box and engine air intake!

A 4" hole was cut in the bonnet (hood) and a 4" steel tube welded into it. We got the tube cheap, it's actually an exhaust extender from a truck. IMPORTANT NOTE: remember to weld the tube so that about an inch of it protrudes through to the inside of the engine compartment!

The tube welded in place.
Andy preparing a mask ready for painting.
Yes, this was going to be a "proper job"

A length of 4" aluminium duct hose completes the interior

The hose connections

A nice air filter completes the job
(even if it does look like the "The Ho" now has a table lamp welded to the hood)

While the paint was drying we took the opportunity to add a couple of high intensity tractor lights to the hood. These are wired tothe main light switch and come on when main beam is on.

The table lamp air intake and tractor lights

Twentieth Trip

On 25th February 2007 we took "The Ho" up to Attica Badlands for its twentieth major off-road trip. Dave took his nice newish Jeep Cherokee along with his daughter, Tristan, one of Dave's friends was in a Jeep Wrangler and as Andy couldn't come, I took Luke with me in "The Ho". It was a blast. "The Ho" behaved really well in the snow.

Tristan's Jeep Wrangler and Dave's Jeep Cherokee

Luke pushing "The Ho" through some snow

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