"The Ho" (42)

Twenty Third Trip (Continued)

Dave's ZR-2

Dave's ZR-2
By the time this photo was taken Dave had removed the huge hitch

Tristan's Bronco

Tristan's Bronco

I thought Dave had wrecked this vehicle but it turned out he'd sold it to Tristan. Tristan had obviously spent a lot of time on the vehicle in the last week or so. A new blue, orange and green paintjob is just the least of it. The fuel tank is now inside the vehicle next to the huge truck exhaust which comes up through the roof. They are a little close together for my liking but Tristan says they are safe enough. There's also a snorkel, built very much like "The Ho's", and a gigantic piece of square steel tube for a front bumper.

Watch some videos of us messing around on this hill...

Video 1 - Tristan in his Bronco
3GP - 468Kb, SWF - 925Kb, FLV - 965Kb, MP4 - 2.7Mb,WMV - 2.99Mb, MOV - 3.57Mb, ASF - 4.6Mb, AVI - 4.6Mb (original format) and MPG - 6.64Mb

Video 2 - Travis in his Jeep Wrangler
3GP - 418Kb, SWF - 850Kb, FLV - 872Kb, MP4 - 2.37Mb, AVI - 2.58Mb (original format), WMV - 2.69Mb, MOV - 3.13Mb,ASF - 4.08Mb and MPG - 5.8Mb

Video 3 - Tristan in his Bronco
3GP - 540Kb, SWF - 1.06Mb, FLV - 1.08Mb, MP4 - 3.09Mb, AVI - 3.32Mb (original format), WMV - 3.44Mb, MOV - 4.08Mb, ASF - 5.31Mb and MPG - 7.65Mb

Video 4 - Travis in his Jeep Wrangler & Dave in his ZR-2
3GP - 579Kb, SWF - 1.1Mb, FLV - 1.13Mb, MP4 - 3.26Mb, AVI - 3.54Mb (original format), WMV - 3.65Mb, MOV - 4.31Mb, ASF - 5.6Mb and MPG - 7.98Mb

Video 5 - Ray in "The Ho"
3GP - 270Kb, SWF - 585Kb, FLV - 604Kb, MP4 - 1.55Mb, AVI - 1.7Mb (original format), WMV - 1.8Mb, MOV - 2.03Mb, ASF - 2.67Mb and MPG - 3.76Mb

Video 6 - Ray in "The Ho"
3GP - 1.16Mb, SWF - 2.12Mb, FLV - 2.15Mb, MP4 - 6.47Mb, AVI - 7.02Mb (original format), WMV - 7.19Mb, MOV - 8.54Mb, ASF - 11Mb and MPG - 16.1Mb

Video 7 - Dave burning rubber in his ZR-2
3GP - 969Kb, SWF - 1.75Mb, FLV - 1.78Mb, MP4 - 5.47Mb, AVI - 5.93Mb (original format), WMV - 6.07Mb, MOV - 7.23Mb, ASF - 9.39Mb and MPG - 13.5Mb

Video 8 - Travis keeps trying in his Jeep
3GP - 721Kb, SWF - 1.32Mb, FLV - 1.34Mb, MP4 - 4.1Mb, AVI - 4.42Mb (original format), WMV - 4.6Mb, MOV - 5.41Mb, ASF - 7.03Mb and MPG - 10.1Mb

Video 9 - Dave burning rubber in his ZR-2
3GP - 291Kb, SWF - 616Kb, FLV - 630Kb, MP4 - 1.64Mb, AVI - 1.79Mb (original format), WMV - 1.86Mb, MOV - 2.16Mb, ASF - 2.86Mb and MPG - 3.88Mb

Video 10 - Travis does it in his Jeep
3GP - 198Kb, SWF - 414Kb, FLV - 426Kb, MP4 - 1.09Mb, AVI - 1.2Mb (original format), WMV - 1.33Mb, MOV - 1.44Mb, ASF - 1.86Mb and MPG - 2.68Mb

Video 11 - Travis tries it again in his Jeep
3GP - 246Kb, SWF - 527Kb, FLV - 1.11Mb, MP4 - 1.39Mb, AVI - 1.52Mb (original format), WMV - 1.62Mb, MOV - 1.83Mb, ASF - 2.39Mb and MPG - 3.41Mb

Video 12 - Tristan does it again in his Bronco
3GP - 369Kb, SWF - 782Kb, FLV - 796Kb, MP4 - 2.12Mb, AVI - 2.33Mb (original format), WMV - 2.42Mb, MOV - 2.79Mb, ASF - 3.63Mb and MPG - 5.28Mb

Video 13 - Ray does it again in "The Ho"
3GP - 181Kb, SWF - 436Kb, FLV - 455Kb, MP4 - 1.08Mb, AVI - 1.15Mb (original format), WMV - 1.28Mb, MOV - 1.4Mb, ASF - 1.82Mb and MPG - 2.64Mb

Travis's Jeep Wrangler

Travis's Jeep Wrangler

This Jeep Wrangler is more or less stock except it has had the rear differential welded locked - again very much like "The Ho"

Dave preparing to get up this hill

Dave preparing to get up this hill

Dave getting up the hill

Dave getting up the hill

Watch a video of Dave getting up this hill. Notice the way the front wheels wobble as he reaches the top - this is where we think he damaged his vehicle. Also notice the smashed in rear left wheel hub cover.

3GP - 478Kb, SWF - 693Kb, FLV - 979Kb, MP4 - 2.73Mb, AVI - 2.96Mb (original format), WMV - 3.1Mb, MOV - 3.61Mb, ASF - 4.7Mb and MPG - 6.82Mb

Travis getting up the same hill

Travis getting up the same hill

Watch a video of Travis getting up this hill...

3GP - 891Kb, SWF - 1.31Mb, FLV - 1.33Mb, MP4 - 3.92Mb, AVI - 4.23Mb (original format), WMV - 4.38Mb, MOV - 5.18Mb, ASF - 6.73Mb and MPG - 9.78Mb

Getting up this hill, Dave bent the Pitman arms of his ZR-2. Another ZR-2 at Attica that day also did the same damage. It looks like these vehicles have a particularly weak steering assembly.

The quarry was very rough on these vehicles and between us we did quite a bit of damage to them. I managed to bust a rear spring and it was here I also started noticing that "The Ho" wasn't changing gear as well as it should. The broken rear spring meant that I couldn't drive "The Ho" anywhere near as hard as I usually do. After the quarry, Tristan's Bronco could no longer stay in four-wheel drive at all and so he spent the rest of the day in two-wheel drive.

The only vehicle that didn't suffer any major damage was Travis's Jeep Wrangler - and that is more or less stock!!!

Update - 4th march 2008 - The good news is that Dave's vehicle wasn't that badly damaged as was repaired in a day at a cost of less than $200.

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