The Bronconator (7)

Dave has a dance for everything. So, after the work was done, Dave did the "We fitted a roll-cage dance"...

Dave - We Fitted a Roll-cage Dance

Dave - "We Fitted a Roll-cage Dance"
For more of this dance see Dave - 2

3rd March 2006, the day before our next rip to Redbird, Dave finally got round to bringing over a new front end for The Bronconator. We needed it as Dave managed to nuke the front differential on our last trip to Redbird on 12th November 2005.

Bronconator - The nuked front differental

The nuked front differential
The hole in the middle of the casing isn't supposed to be there

Dave got it into his head to put a few more dents in The Bronconator with a 4lb lump hammer. Unfortunately he managed to bust the starter motor relay in the process which means it can't just be started on the key, someone has to hold the relay switch in the engine compartment in order for The Bronconator to start.

1st April 2006, saw us back at Redbird when they opened for the season. After about a week of rain Redbird was particularly boggy and both The Bronconator and "The Ho" had to be recovered using "The Ho's" winch several times.

The Bronconator - Redbird

Hey Dave, the track goes the other way...

The Bronconator - Redbird

That's better

The Bronconator - Redbird

Dave - the ecowarrior

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