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After fitting the roll-cage on 26th March 2006, Dave had a celebratory dance...

Dave - The We Made A Roll-Cage Dance Dave - The We Made A Roll-Cage Dance Dave - The We Made A Roll-Cage Dance Dave - The We Made A Roll-Cage Dance Dave - The We Made A Roll-Cage Dance

Dave - The "We Made A Roll-Cage" Dance

Dave's Vehicles

Dave has owned several, or rather, lots of vehicles. In fact, how he manages to get good deals is a bit of a mystery. The problem is though he tends to not keep them, even the good ones, very long. It would have been nice to document them here but most have come and gone before we can get any decent pictures or videos. Of course, the world famous, or infamous, Bronconator was Dave's as were the following...

In June 2006, Dave bought a Chevvy Blazer from near Sullivan, about 30 miles south of Terre Haute. It seemed to idle well but had to be towed back to Terre Haute as it wouldn't get above 2,000 rpm. Later that week we tried everything to get it going again, checking the sensors, the timing, changing the ignition leads and so on. In the end Dave simple cut the exhaust off and it worked! What happened was that the catalytic converter was completely blocked, stopping the engine from running properly. It's a very powerful 4.3 litre engine but without the exhaust, but turned a bit noisy after a while.

Dave also bought a GMC Jimmy, here's how he tested it out...

Jimmy burnout

Jimmy Burnout
Frame 327 from the movie clip taken by Andy

If you see Dave's brother DO NOT tell him about this video
The Jimmy was meant for him!

3GP - 973Kb, WMV - 11Mb, FLV - 3.54Mb, MP4 - 4.38Mb, MOV - 14.8Mb (original format), ASF - 11Mb, MPG - 15.4Mb, AVI - 21Mb

On 13th June, after getting it to start we took it for its for its run to Coal Creek. It did pretty well for a car that's just come from the streets, but there was some sort of noise coming from the front end we never got round to investigating.

Sometime in the summer of 2007, Dave bought a very nice Jeep Rubicon - this is how it ended up...

Dave's Jeep Rubicon

Dave's Jeep Rubicon

Dave's Jeep Rubicon

In January 2008, got hold of a cheap Bronco. This looks like it could be the successor to The Bronconator, but time will tell.

Nice picture Dave...
Maybe next time we could move the car away from the post?

A little while after getting it he took it through the sludge pit of a power station and it had to be towed out - unfortunately the clutch now needs replacing...

Dave's Bronco

Could this be The Bronconator v2.0?

Dave's Bronco

The answer to that is No! Dave sold it to Tristan who took it to Attica Badlands with us on 1st March 2008.

Bob - Dave's Honda Accord

Bob - Dave's 1988 Honda Accord
Purchased for around $100 in February 2008

"Bob" didn't last long as it soon lost it's reverse gear, so Dave being Dave, drove it onto a snow drift and smashed the radiator.

Dave's Blazer ZR2

Dave's Blazer ZR2 that he was driving in February 2008
Notice the ginormous trailer hitch shackle.

This is the vehicle he took with us to Attica Badlands with us on 1st March 2008.

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