"The Ho" (39)

More Repairs (Continued)

Refilling the rear diff is a job much more difficult than it sounds.

This is the rear differential from the rear
even without the lift and removal of the rear sway bar there was plenty of room
so where is the filler hole?

Here it is - in the most stupid place the designers could come up with
in the front of the differential, jammed between the prop shaft mounting plate and the fuel tank

Here's an image of the filler funnel
showing the hardened nuts we used as spacers when we did the rear end lift

Another idea Andy came up with was because the front hubs kept filling with water and mixing with the grease that is normally used why not fill the hubs with gear oil. In order to do this he drilled and tapped two holes in each side of the locking hubs. now we just undo the screws and using an oil gun refill the hubs.

Our new front hub oil filler system

Before we leave this section here's a fun photograph...

This is what happened at Ivy Tech when they decided to use a snow-plough to clear the parking lot

It's actually not that bad, thankfully these cars belong to their automotive repair department

Twenty First Trip

On 12th May 2007, Andy and his family on ATVs and I, in the Ho, went to a local quarry for a couple of hours. The quarry has a lake about 3ft deep and the Ho took the slopes and water with ease.

All of the other photos were of the ATVs and can be found here...

Twenty Second Trip

2007 was a pretty poor year for our off-roading trips. For one reason or another we didn't get out much but we hope 2008 will be better. On 3rd February, 2008, we got off to a flying start. Burt and Dave in Burt's '89 Jeep Wagoneer, and myself in "The Ho".

We started out in some very muddy river bottoms near West Terre Haute but soon moved out to Coal Creek.

When you play the videos you might want to turn the sound down - Dave got a bit excited and swore a bit.

Crossing the creek...

"The Ho" crossing the creek
Frame 46

3GP - 77.1Kb (original format), WMV - 544Kb, FLV - 600Kb, MP4 - 782Kb, MOV - 898Kb, ASF - 1.08Mb, MPG - 1.45Mb, AVI - 1.9Mb

Burt's Wagoneer crossing the creek
Frame 4

3GP - 149Kb (original format), WMV - 802Kb, FLV - 1.03Mb, MP4 - 1.04Mb, MOV - 1.33Mb, ASF - 1.64Mb, MPG - 2.93Mb, AVI - 3.97Mb

Burt's Wagoneer crossing the creek
Frame 91

3GP - 129Kb (original format), FLV - 547Kb, WMV - 766Kb, MP4 - 766Kb, FMOV - 905Kb, ASF - 1.29Mb, MPG - 1.36Mb, AVI - 1.78Mb

The melting snow had made the ground very slippery, as you can see by my attempts to get up this hill...

"The Ho" hill climbing
Frame 16

3GP - 138Kb (original format), WMV - 763Kb, FLV - 826Kb, MP4 - 980Kb, MOV - 1.23Mb, ASF - 1.54Mb, MPG - 2.18Mb, AVI - 2.75Mb

"The Ho" hill climbing
Frame 82

3GP - 123Kb (original format), WMV - 630Kb, FLV - 662Kb, MP4 - 912Kb, MOV - 1.02Mb, ASF - 1.26Mb, MPG - 1.66Mb, AVI - 1.98Mb

I have no idea what the hell I was thinking of on the run up...

Oops - Frame 45

3GP - 69.6Kb (original format), WMV - 427Kb, FLV - 477Kb, MP4 - 533Kb, MOV - 671Kb, ASF - 880Kb, MPG - 1.27Mb, AVI - 1.86Mb

"The Ho" hill climbing
Frame 99

3GP - 145Kb (original format), FLV - 841Kb, WMV - 927Kb, MP4 - 1Mb, MOV - 1.31Mb, ASF - 1.9Mb, MPG - 2.45Mb, AVI - 3.46Mb

I finally got up the hill by using a slightly shallower path...

Finally, and with lots of air - Frame 48

3GP - 112Kb (original format), FLV - 826Kb, WMV - 778Kb, MP4 - 815Kb, MOV - 1Mb, ASF - 1.6Mb, MPG - 2.59Mb, AVI - 4.17Mb

When wet, this hill is always difficult, near the top is a bend on the edge of a drop-off down a steep hillside to the river below...

Hill climbing - Frame 48

3GP - 189Kb (original format), FLV - 918Kb, WMV - 1.1Mb, MP4 - 1.33Mb, MOV - 1.48Mb, ASF - 2.24Mb, MPG - 2.33Mb, AVI - 3Mb

Dave said a little air over the little bump would make a good picture...

Getting some air - Frame 85

3GP - 114Kb (original format), FLV - 825Kb, WMV - 669Kb, MP4 - 830Kb, MOV - 1Mb, ASF - 1.39Mb, MPG - 2.39Mb, AVI - 3.66Mb

All in all a good couple of hours wheelin' - no-one got hurt and nothing got broke well almost nothing...

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